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What You See In This Mind-Blowing Coffee Bean Illusion Reveals If You’re A Genius

THE face you can see in this mind-blowing optical illusion can tell if you’re a genius or not.

Viewers should be able to see a man’s forehead hidden among dozens of coffee beans.


A face hides among dozens of coffee beansCredit: The Minds Journal

If you look closely at the mind-blowing illusion, you should be able to see the man’s eyes looking over the beans.

But, the time it takes viewers to solve the puzzle can give some insight into whether they’re a genius.

If you spotted the man between three seconds and a minute, that means your brain is fully developed, according to experts at The Minds Journal.

But if it took you longer than a minute, that means your brain needs a protein boost.

And those who took more than three minutes to spot the man should challenge themselves with more puzzles.

Viewers who were left puzzled by the puzzle should focus their attention on the lower left corner of the image.

Meanwhile, a mystical painting by artist Oleg Shupliak might say a lot about what you fear in relationships.

If you’ve spotted a man’s face, it means your focus and enthusiasm make you a pleasure to be around.

You thrive on living in the present and barely dwell on negative experiences from the past.

You live for the moment and when each day is over, you put it away forever and start the next one again, which is the only way to feel free, according to you.

But, you are afraid of being perceived as having emotional baggage.

But viewers who spotted the boy are likely to be jubilant and nostalgic, but they don’t like being the center of attention.


And, those who have seen the painting are in bliss when they are in the middle of a dream.

You love your partner, but that doesn’t mean you always want to spend time with them.

But what you hide in relationships is your intense need for time for yourself, which makes you feel rested and recharged.

And the figure you see first in an illusion containing playwright William Shakespeare’s face challenges you to admit your least attractive trait.

Those who see Shakespeare’s face at first glance are said to be confident, but they also have inflated egos.

But, others may have spotted a woman lying in bed.

If that’s you, that means sloppiness is the trait people find the least attractive.

The face is hidden at the bottom left of the illusion


The face is hidden at the bottom left of the illusionCredit: THE SPIRIT DIARY
Those who spotted the painting in this optical illusion don't always want to spend time with their partner


Those who spotted the painting in this optical illusion don’t always want to spend time with their partner1 credit
If you've spotted Shakespeare's face, it means you're confident


If you’ve spotted Shakespeare’s face, it means you’re confident1 credit

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