Coffee roasting

What is coffee roasting?

Coffee roasting is a complex process that not only requires high quality coffee beans, but also good equipment. The roasting process itself includes several steps that change the color, taste and aromas of the coffee. If you are interested in roasting coffee, read this article further.

What is coffee roasting?

The main purpose of roasting coffee is naturally to create an aromatic coffee blend. Many professional coffee roasters say the roasting process is the combination of science and art. You have to be precise and control every step during the whole process, but on the other hand, you can decide if the coffee beans should be light brown or darker, and what specific flavors do you want to make. What happens inside the drum?

The stages of roasting coffee

If you bought green coffee beans, now is the time to take care of them. The first thing to do is preheat your roaster. You should not place the beans in a cold drum as this can negatively influence your roast. Each machine is different and the temperature range may also vary. Preheat the drum. Recommended preheating of CMS coffee roasters – 200 degrees. You should get to know your machine well, so you can change settings whenever you need to.
Once the machine is ready, you can start the drying phase. Green coffee beans contain a lot of moisture. As they dry, the water evaporates, causing the beans to shrink in volume and weight. The beans must be dry before beginning the second phase, called caramelization or browning. The goal is to develop wonderful aromas, taste and change color from pale to brown.
You need to listen to what is happening during this step. The first crack has a characteristic sound – this is an important signal for you. As mentioned earlier, coffee beans contain water. When the temperature becomes high, the water inside the grains begins to evaporate. The pressure inside increases and that is why the coffee beans start to crack. You can develop fantastic flavors by slowing down the browning process. The second crack is quieter, so you have to be more careful. This is a sign that the oils from the inside have gone outside and your kernels have become even more developed.

The last step is cooling. You need to cool the coffee beans to room temperature within 3-4 minutes to complete the roasting process. We do this to stop the enzymatic processes as quickly as possible – the idea is to stop roasting at a time that we expect and control.

Coffee roasting — equipment needed

If you want to successfully start your adventure with coffee roasting, several machines and accessories are required. The most important appliance for you is obviously a coffee roaster. It must be a reliable machine that allows you to freely change the settings. Another essential thing is that you must buy such a coffee roaster machine that can deliver the same results every time you use it. Otherwise, your coffee blends will taste and look different, which can lead to a lower sale. If you want to make sure that the product you want to buy is from a reputable retailer, you can visit this website: You will find many models of coffee roasting machines, but also other useful devices such as automatic chargers, filters, coffee destoners etc.

Coffee roasting equipment is certainly quite expensive, especially for a new cafe owner, however, it is an investment in the future. A robust coffee roaster is designed to work for a long time. Do not buy the cheapest machine on the market because repair costs are high. You should also learn what coffee roasting is by taking a few classes and learning from your own mistakes. It’s a long journey, but the goal is one: to create coffee blends that will enchant your customers.
Check out the website above and be sure to choose the optimum coffee roast for your needs. You will really learn what coffee roasting is once you buy roasting equipment and start roasting your first batch of coffee beans.
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