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Vantera Coffee Bean Company, Black American and African Producers and Distributors of the World’s Finest Original Coffees, Committed to Significantly Expanding Distribution in America

Understanding the coffee industry is of growing interest to the general public. As trade routes and the journey from coffee bean to coffee cup become more diverse, along with changes in ever-changing global markets and the complex and sometimes risky paths of coffee, there is growing intrigue among more in addition to coffee drinkers. The first step in learning about the coffee industry is knowing “the origin of coffee”.

The earliest references to both coffee drinking and wild coffee trees, in all likelihood, the data shows that the coffee originated in Kefa (Kaffa), Ethiopia, and was later transported to southern Arabia – established in the fifteenth century. With the unfortunate and habitual exploitation and unfair treatment of Africans – the fame of coffee in the Arab world prompted the founding of cafes in the 15th and 16th centuries, separately, in Mecca and Constantinople. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, coffeehouses were introduced to an endless stream of European nations. Unlike the vital era of the movement in the 15th century, the spread of cafes across the planet in a lonely era must be called brilliant, albeit usually on the backs of Africans. The historical backdrop of the coffee revelation is saturated with fantasy and legend, and exuberant conversations about how it happened continue to the present day.

Vantera Coffee Bean Company, (VCBC or Vantera), was established in early 2020 by some of the executives of Vantera Holding Corp and Haileslassie Ambaye Industries, who are a group of highly skilled and experienced men and women. VCBC, (a member of the Vantera Commodities Group, LLC family of companies), was established for the purpose of developing, producing, selling and distributing high quality coffee beans, which are sold under the Vantera Coffee Bean Company or other trademarks. fashions. Haileslassie Ambaye, who was the founding president of Vantera, brought over 25 years of invaluable coffee experience and expertise to the startup Vantera. Following the recent majority acquisition of VCBC by Vantera Holding Corp, Don Polk, who was Vice Chairman of VCBC, became Executive Chairman of Vantera. The company is also owned by a leading Ethiopian coffee producer/Wonberta General Import and Export PLC and a leading Ethiopian logistics company/Amelework Tesfay Import/Export, giving VCBC over 50 years of combined experience in the coffee industry.

The original coffee company was founded in 2019 by Ethiopian American family members, to include Gaim Hagos who is the COO of VCBC, selling Ethiopian specialty coffee primarily to distributors under the Hydasey Coffee label. Vantera’s goal is to be a go-to company for the best coffee Ethiopia has to offer, as well as other high quality coffees grown in Africa or other parts of the world. Vantera sources green coffee beans directly from thousands of farmers through its stakeholders in Ethiopia. The Company is directly involved at every step up to the delivery of the final green or roasted beans to its customers. Vantera guarantees consistently high quality coffee beans by maintaining strict quality control in the field through vertical integration. In addition to high quality Ethiopian coffees, which are their primary focus, VCBC has, or is developing, qualified sources of other high quality coffees, through strong “established relationships”, in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, in Rwanda, Costa Rica and Indonesia. . VCBC is also a coffee supplier or sourcing partner to or for high-profile celebrities in the United States, and soon overseas.

Vantera exclaims a strong commitment to processing only high quality Arabica green coffee beans, and as such the company has a vested interest in the welfare of farmers. VCBC also has a social, ethical, moral, paternal, maternal and ancestral obligation to support its farms and workers. “We have a special affinity with the women who work for and with us and intend to develop a program that will enrich, grow and protect the lives, futures, education, health and net worth of women and of their children,” said Gaim Hagos. This initiative was launched in Ethiopia in early February 2022.

“Vantera Coffee Bean Company is also committed to giving back in a meaningful way, to the United States, various African countries and other communities around the world,” said Executive Chairman Don Polk. He also said that Vantera would also support and help build minority-owned businesses – living up to their mantra – “Build the Business, that Builds the People, Who Tell the Stories, that Builds Hope”. “We implore Corporate America and millions of consumers to support VCBC and watch us deliver on our solemn promise to help build communities and make things right,” Polk says.


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