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Primo Roasting Equipment sets a new standard in coffee roasting

Primo Roasting Equipment sets new standards in the field of coffee equipment manufacturing.

Primo Roasting Equipment is owned by two young entrepreneurs, Brandon Miller and Christian Longnecker. It is a coffee equipment manufacturing company. They mainly manufacture industrial coffee roasters for commercial and industrial use.

The different types of industrial and commercial coffee roasters manufactured by Primo Roasting Equipment range from three to thirty pounds.

With over 29 years of experience, the company has served customers in 36 countries around the world.

The USP of coffee roasters made by Primo Roasting Equipment is that each machine is handcrafted by experienced and trained professionals. They are individually tested to ensure customer safety.

To offer sturdy and beautiful coffee roasters to customers, they use high quality American steel to ensure the reliability and long service life of the roaster.

Although built by trained professionals, coffee roasters have been designed in such a way that anyone can operate them. They do not need to have great technical knowledge to operate them.

The roasters are equipped with two-level temperature controllers that allow for maximum control of the roasting material, and the automatic airflows allow for easy and reliable production.

To answer questions and resolve product issues, the company maintains a toll-free number for customers, 1-800-675-0160. Any customer can expose their problem and have it solved by the company’s customer service managers.

They plan to release a new pro model of the coffee roasting unit soon equipped with the latest technology. To date, they have sold 1.2k roasters globally.

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About Primo Roasting Equipment:

Brandon Miller and Christian Longnecker, two young entrepreneurs, launched Primo Roasting Equipment. This is a company that manufactures coffee equipment. They mainly produce industrial coffee roasters for use in commercial and industrial settings. They are planning to launch a new professional coffee roasting unit model soon with the latest technology.

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