Coffee roasting

New Coffee Roasting Business in Boulder

After roasting his coffee for two decades, a mine worker decided to start his own roasting business out of a shed in Boulder.

Dave Boswell, an avid coffee drinker, said he bought a home roaster when he was in Perth and would buy green beans from the local convenience store before roasting them in small batches.

“I’ve been in drilling in the mining industry for a long time…and I was looking for different ways to get out of it,” he said.

“So one of them was to do a bit more roasting on a larger scale, to make it a job rather than just a passion.”

Mr Boswell told the Kalgoorlie Miner he had started roasting coffee with his wife Caralyn, created a website and social media, and had his first stand at the Lorna Mitchell Spring Festival in Kalgoorlie-Boulder this month.

Camera iconDave and Caralyn Boswell at the Lorna Mitchell Spring Festival. Credit: Unknown/Provided

“We can take orders online and what we do is we just deliver around Kalgoorlie whenever we get an order,” he said.

He explained that he was going to call his business Boulder Beans, but the name was already taken by a “pretty massive” coffee production roaster in the United States.

Mr Boswell said Sup was stuck, although he later found out it also meant stand-up paddleboarding.

He explained that he bought his beans from Kakulas Brothers in Perth, picking beans from Papua New Guinea and Colombia because he knew their tasting profiles.

“And then I just picked a few Brazilians and old styles where people are used to that, and it kind of gives a different kind of coffee, it’s a little fruity,” Mr Boswell said.

He also noted that he plans to produce his own ice cream after ordering a van which will be finished around Christmas.