Coffee roasting

How to start a coffee roasting business?

Are you a person who knows everything about coffee? If you enjoy brewing specialty coffee at home, but feel like something is missing, you might want to consider opening your own coffee roasting business. Having the ability to drink coffee from your own roast is one of a kind. However, there are a lot of things to think about before opening your brand new coffee roaster. If you want to know how to start your own coffee roasting business, read this article further.

Opening a coffee roasting business – where to start?

Before rushing to a professional dealer who sells coffee equipment, do a thorough analysis of the current market. First, you need to define whether your business will be profitable in the future. Your success depends on many factors. The situation is strongly linked to your local market. You should observe how many people buy specialty coffee in your area. Use social media and a web browser to calculate the numbers. You can also ask people from different social media groups about their coffee preferences. Selling your coffee locally is a good start, but you should also think about growing your business by opening an online store. However, this is a separate topic, so let’s focus on other important issues.

Equipment for coffee roasting – coffee roasting machines for sale

You can’t run a successful coffee roastery if you don’t have high-quality equipment you can rely on. You are going to spend a lot of money on a coffee roast. The price, however, may vary as it mainly depends on the hourly production of roasted coffee beans and the technologies hidden inside the machine. If you want to save as much as possible, but on the other hand want to produce a few hundred kilograms of roast coffee per week, you should invest in a medium-sized gasoline machine. For example, a sturdy and reliable coffee roaster in a mid-price range is the CMS-6 coffee roaster. The hourly output of this machine is 25 kg, which means that you can produce around 100 kg of coffee per day, assuming that you are not going to spend more than 4 hours roasting coffee beans per day. If you are considering a smaller roaster, you can consider an electric roaster. Fuel roasters are profitable in large roasters. Aillio Bullet Roaster R1 V2 is a good example of an electric coffee roaster. The maximum batch capacity is 1 kilogram. This machine has only a banal appearance, but in reality, it offers a lot of useful functions. You can fully control the roasting process by downloading the recommended software. Customize and save your roasting recipes to automate the roasting process. You can find other roasters for sale at

When your coffee has cooled, it’s high time to measure and pack the coffee beans in sachets. Doing it manually would be a waste of valuable time and, therefore, a waste of money. It is better to invest once in an automatic scale and an automatic packaging machine, than to pack everything yourself. You can build your own packaging system which includes not only an automatic scale and a packaging machine, but also a heat sealer and a rotary table that receives the ready coffee bags. You can also find pre-customized packing stations like this automatic packing system.

Supply of green coffee beans

Choosing a reputable retailer that sells high-quality green coffee beans is the surest way to success. You cannot sell poor quality coffee because you will lose the interest of your customers. In addition, you would lose the potential of your equipment. Roast your coffee beans to perfection and win new customers. State-of-the-art roasters offer many possibilities, so you can experiment with different types of roasts. Although the medium roast is the most popular, more and more people are trying the dark and light roasts. Specialty coffee is becoming enjoyed not only by coffee enthusiasts, but also by average coffee drinkers.