Coffee bean

Gather buys coffee bean business from Watertown Confectionery

The cafe portion of the Watertown Confectionery business is now part of Gather Cafe, 122 E. Kemp Ave.

Angie Reppe, owner of Gather, made the announcement last week.

“I will do the roasting, packaging and customer service that the confectionery has built, and I hope to expand that base,” she said.

Whole roast beans and ground coffee will continue to be available at Watertown Confectionery, but are also available at Gather and other outlets around town.

Watertown Confectionery owners Mike and Vickie Marotz launched their coffee business shortly after moving their chocolate manufacturing business downtown. It’s a short walk from the space where Gather later opened.

“We bought all of their roasting, grinding and packaging equipment,” Reppe said. “Like confectionery, we also make whole beans, ground beans and K-cups.

“We import green (coffee) beans from several countries, including Guatemala, Colombia, Sumatra, Thailand, Tanzania and many more around the world. The bags are huge! They weigh between 130 and 150 pounds each,” she said.

Different countries produce different types of beans. Different climates, altitudes and soil types produce different flavors in the beans.

“I’m still learning all of this and I want to know the answers to customer questions,” Reppe said. “I’m really a continuing education nerd.”

Different beans are blended together to add unique flavors. Customers can expect a lot more variety in locally produced coffee.

“I will expand our offerings,” Reppe said. “And hopefully bring exciting new products to customers.”

All coffee sold is fair trade. This means the coffee is certified as having been produced under fair trade standards by organizations that create partnerships that support growers and environmentally sustainable farming practices and prohibit child labor or forced labor.

Mike Marotz said the coffee business is in good hands.

“We are delighted that Angie will take over this part of our business. She shares our passion for good coffee and we are confident that our customers will continue to be well taken care of,” he said.