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Colorado Springs Roastery Owner Celebrates 30 Years in the Coffee Roasting Business | Culture & Leisure

Glenn Powell, owner of Barista Espresso and Specialty Roasting, 625 W. Colorado Ave., celebrated 30 years in the coffee roasting business. In fact, he’s been involved in the industry in Colorado Springs for more years than that.

“My first interest in coffee dates back to 1978, when I worked for a company that unloaded coffee from trucks,” he said. “There were literally only two espresso machines in Colorado Springs. I started, with a few partners, making espresso machines. But my passion was roasting coffee, and on April 1, 1992, I started open Barista.

He compares roasting coffee to being a chef.

“Coffee is no different from being a chef. Get a really great tasting roast, and that’s a recipe you want to keep consistent. Stop tweaking it,” he said. “People are becoming more aware of the complexity of coffee. Look at wine. People have more sophisticated palates. The same is true for coffee drinkers. They are becoming more puristic, with coffees made from a single bean. from a single country, no mixtures.

Despite the challenges of the past few years, her business has continued to grow.

“The craziest thing for us is that we’re going to have our best ever sales year ever,” he said. “We’ve added a lot of new accounts, but our margins aren’t what they used to be. Product cost, shipping freight, labor – it’s all in place. We really worked to try not to increase the prices too much. But I can’t complain – we’re very lucky to have been in business for 30 years.

The roastery is not a cafe but is open to purchase beans Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to noon. Details: 719-578-1185,

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