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Coffee Beans offering a Ham and Cheese Omelet Breakfast Set for only $5.45 (when you buy 2 sets)!

Need something delicious to start your day off right? Look no further, Coffee Bean is offering two Turkey Ham Omelette and Cheesy Sourdough Muffin Breakfast Kits for just $10.90! That makes each set just $5.45! Not only will you get a delicious meal in the morning, but you’ll also save a few dollars! This offer is only available on weekdays and is available for purchase starting today! Visit your nearest Coffee Bean point of sale today!

Turkey Ham Omelette and Cheese Sourdough Muffins

Photo: (Facebook)

Savor the Coffee Beans Signature Sourdough Muffin Breakfast Sandwich, with a soft, buttery bun, salty ham and sharp cheddar cheese, all set on a fluffy egg! Top it off with a side of crispy and chewy hash browns and a strong Spanish latte, definitely a great start to the day!

Image: @coffeebeansg (Instagram)

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Hurry for the coffee bean now!

What are you waiting for? Visit your nearest Coffee Bean point of sale today! Get them while supplies last! Check out Coffee Bean’s Instagram and Facebook for more updates!

Cover picture: (Facebook), @coffeebeansg (Instagram)

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