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Coffee bean eye cream or the social producer says “works wonders”

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To OKAY!’s Social Media Producer Angela Savoy-Williams, discovering the secret to perfect, depuffy eyes has been quite a process. Frustrated after using ‘aloe vera gel’ she hung out at a department store – ‘I didn’t like that it left a weird, sticky residue’, she recalls – Angela says she had found her go-to product, 100% PURE’s Coffee Bean Caffeinated Eye Cream, after a beauty expert friend noticed her skin issues.

“My friend owns a beauty bar and gave it to me as a gift from her store,” she shares. “But I think it was a subtle hint that I have puffy eyes.”

And it seems that this gift has changed the skin. Years later, Angela says she swears by the product, one that she says “works wonders.”

“I love that a little goes so far,” says the producer. “You can notice results within minutes,” she continues, noting that she may even “feel tingling as soon as you apply it.” “It makes me feel like it’s working.”

Angela attributes this success to the product’s clean formula. With nourishing ingredients like green tea, rosehip and vitamin E, according to its product listing, the eye cream’s apparent success apparently speaks to its broader beauty philosophy – the more natural, the better. ‘is.

“I think using clean, natural products will go a long way in skin care and especially in treating puffiness,” she adds.