Coffee bean

Cocaine found in delivery of coffee beans to Nespresso factory

Packets of a white substance were discovered by factory workers last week and the police were notified. Analysis confirmed the substance was cocaine, with bags found in five shipping containers.

Initial inquiries suggest that the shipment had arrived at the factory from Brazil. The cocaine had a purity level of over 80% with an estimated value of over CHF 50 million ($51 million). Police believe the drugs were intended for the European market.

The cocaine sachets were isolated and did not come into contact with Nespresso production, police said.

In a statement sent to this publication, a Nestlé spokesperson said: “While unloading a delivery of green coffee at our Romont plant on May 2, 2022, we discovered a suspicious substance.

“We immediately reported it to the authorities and an investigation is ongoing. The entire shipment has been blocked and seized by the police as part of their investigation.

“We have strict quality controls in place for the green coffee that arrives at our warehouses through to the finished product. The substance in question has not come into contact with any of our products or production equipment used to manufacture our products. As a police investigation is ongoing, we cannot share further details.

“We want to reassure consumers that all of our products are safe to consume.”